The finish line at Holloway Park in Lakeland

Holloway Park

Holloway Park is a lush, green oasis located in southeast Lakeland — a place to escape, a park with natural beauty everywhere you look, a park with no houses, just woods, trees, meadows, green fields, birds, butterflies and bugs.

It is also one of the best cross country running courses in the state. It offers many configurations including 3K, 5K, 6K, 8K and 10K courses. Trails wind up, down, around, and over natural scenic areas. Due to the ridges and lush vegetation, the trails are close to each other, yet out of sight. The start line for all events is over 300 feet wide and runs uphill for over a quarter of a mile.


  • 300 acres
  • Concessions available on request
  • Portable bathrooms available
Holloway Park
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