Bill Heath

Bill Heath

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Bill Heath

Bill Heath has served on the staff of Webber International University for more than 26 years and has helped grow Webber International’s athletics programs on many different levels. After 26 years of coaching at Webber International University, Bill retired in May 2012. During his time at Webber he served as the men’s and women’s tennis coach for 21 years, the volleyball coach for nine years and the head or assistant coach for numerous other Webber teams including women’s basketball, softball and men’s basketball. During his coaching career Bill coached in 1,310 varsity games or matches and had an overall record of 776 wins and 534 losses.

Throughout Bill Heath’s career he has received countless awards and honors including: Florida Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tennis Coach of the Year (1990-91), District 7 Volleyball Coach of the Year (1992), Florida Sun Conference Women’s Volleyball Coach of the Year (1992-93), Florida Sun Conference Men’s Tennis Coach of the Year (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998), Cal Cramer Athletic Service Award Recipient (1996). Bill Heath coached many championship teams during his tenure including: National Little College Athletic Association (NLCAA) Men’s Basketball Champions (1983-84), Florida Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tennis Champions (1991), Florida Sun Conference Tennis Champions (1992), Florida Sun Conference Women’s Tennis Champions (1993), Florida Sun Conference Men’s Tennis Champions (1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998).

Bill also coached Men’s Tennis Singles and Doubles National Champions in 1998 and has coached countless NAIA National Scholar-Athletes throughout his career. Bill Heath has served the NAIA on a national level in the following: NAIA National Men’s Tennis Rater for 11 years, NAIA National Women’s Tennis Rater four years and NAIA/ITA National Award Chair for five years. Bill served as Webber International University’s Director of Athletics, Director of Public Relations and Co-Director of Alumni affairs.


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