Best of ‘Geek Culture’ on display

By: Jack Cormier

For the second year, the Central Florida Comic Con will bring the best of geek culture to Lakeland.

Not only will there be artists and actors on hand, but also an extensive exhibitor area featuring everything from comics and memorabilia to games and pop culture collectables. The event will be at the RP Funding Center Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 18-19.

Headlined by original American television Power Rangers star Jason David Frank, the two-day event features representatives from each corner of the ever-expanding culture phenomenon. Other celebrities include “Shazam!” and “Walking Dead” actor Cooper Andrews, voice actor Austin Tindale from the anime classic “Attack on Titan,” and fellow voice actor Arryn Zech of the two longest running Web series, “Red vs. Blue” and “RWBY.” Lakeland legend George Lowe, whose radio career started in Polk County but whose voice has carried him to Hollywood as the voice of Space Ghost as well as television appearances on “Robot Chicken,” “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and “American Dad!,” will attend.

Central Florida Comic Con is an event for fans of comics, toys, TV, film, art, gaming, and all other things considered “nerdy.” Besides actors, comic book creators, and other fans, there are artists, vendors, discussion panels, and other related events. Central Florida Comic Con also features a daily costume contest to find the best cosplayers in Central Florida.

Recruitment of the event was a joint effort between RP Funding Center staff and PCTSM.

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